Pocket Currency For Individuals and Small Businesses

The pre-paid card is a simple way for UK families to pay their nannies and house keepers in Sterling as well as being very popular with businesses in the areas of procurement, employee expenses and staff payroll – with or without any foreign exchange involved. Who are Currency Solutions? Currency Solutions are one of the UK’s leading foreign exchange brokers with 30,000 registered clients. Since 2003, Currency Solutions have been offering clients bank beating exchange rates and protection from currency volatility on their bank to bank transfers. Currency Solutions are now launching their PocketCurrency card as consumers increasingly hunt for the best exchange rates beyond large-scale bank to bank transfers, right down to their pocket-sized personal money. Unlike its competitor cards, PocketCurrency is a free card with a much smaller minimal load of the equivalent of 10 GBP. The pre-paid Mastercard offers excellent exchange rates and reduced card fees, an easy way to top up online, by SMS text or in cash – all with the added safety of carrying funds on a card. The global card is becoming increasingly popular for those in the UK to simply spend and carry cash in Sterling. How Can An Individual Use A Card? Individuals can request a PocketCurrency card in either US Dollars, Euros or can request the global card if they want to carry their funds in Sterling and be able to transfer into any other currency wherever they travel – or simply use the funds in Sterling in the UK. The card is popular with: Holiday makers and frequent travellers Short-term workers in the UK such as au pairs, farm workers and consultants who are paid in cash and do not have a UK bank account to store the funds. The individual can top-up their balance either online, by SMS text or simply in cash at a payzone. The card can then be used like a normal debit card at all Mastercard locations or to withdraw cash from an ATM. It is also very easy for individuals to check their balance either online or by SMS text. Many international individuals need to send money to their families back home. PocketCurrency is ideal for money sharing as funds can be instantly transferred between cards. By ensuring that their friends and family back home also have a PocketCurrency card, the money can be transferred over at the click of a button. How Can A Business or Employer Use The Card? nvolved.


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