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16 to 17 million used cars are sold each year

Some are good

Some are not so good

And some are outright dangerous

make sure you are not buying someone else’s problems



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Always do the research into the type of vehicle you require, make sure that it suits the needs that you require, and also suitable for any other driver having its use (spouse etc.)


Always check the insurance group and get a quote, before you agree to purchase a vehicle, there are many comparison websites you can check


Always get or ask the seller to provide an HPI report on the vehicle, it will show if the vehicle is subject to a finance agreement, stolen or even an insurance write off.


If you are not buying from a dealer, always make sure that the person selling the vehicle is the person registered on the V5 (registration document) or has title to sell.


Always have the perspective vehicle proficiently checked, buying a new car is a big event, and important things can be missed during the excitement of getting your new car.  


You are strongly advised to insist on the vehicle having a full service history, without this you will find it hard to sell on when you want to sell it.

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Used Car Buyers Guide


Never buy a used vehicle on the spur of the moment, 36% of people regret impulse purchases within one or two months.


Never buy a used vehicle by meeting the seller any ware but their home that will ensure you are buying from the right person and also gives you a point of contact.  If you are asked to meet at a service station or motorway services Don’t GO.


Never buy a used vehicle that doesn’t have a V5 (registration document).


Never buy a used vehicle or view a perspective purchase at night or in wet weather, you will never see the full picture unless the vehicle is viewed dry and in daylight.


Never buy a used vehicle on a whim or because you really like it even though it’s not really suitable for your needs, trying to move your mistake on quickly can be a costly exorcize.  


Never buy a used vehicle without having it proficiently checked, buying a new car is a big event, and important things can be missed during the excitement of getting your new car.  

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Below you will find direct links to both Glass’s Guide & Parkers Guide giving you a genuine value for your vehicle.


Buy in haste - Repent at leisure

Get it professionally checked before you buy

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Tax your car


Check your MOT status


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Sometimes when buying a car it can be easy to get caught up in the moment and buy the vehicle because you like the look of it, this can be a costly mistake

The following link will take you to local community approved repairing garages through  

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